Birdy Bicycle Game

Your favorite character angry bird is very busy these days. Because Christmas is approaching and angry bird need to collect all the gifts by its bike until Christmas. Don't you want to help

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 Instructions First you need to wait a very short period of time for loading the game. Then click "START" button and select the level. If you haven't played before this game you can only start with first level. Your aim is helping to the lovely Christmas bird to collect all gifts in the limited time. Each level you have only one minute.  But be carefull the road is bumpy pay attention to the "Arrow" when you see the arrow clik "SPACE BAR" to jump. There are 7 levels you need to complete. To pass the level you must reach the finish line in one minute. To unluck the last level you have to collect the all gifts.   Use your "Up and Down Arrow Keys" to move, "Right and Left Arrow Keys" to balance and "Space Bar" to jump.   Lets start and aim to collect all gifts.

Watch this Gameplay:


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