Angry Birds Destroy Mine Hole Game

One day, hordes of angry birds traveled across a new land, and they saw a beautiful house. Then, they were curious about it; unfortunately, they broke it. When coming home, a naughty pig was very angry. Now, he is planning to revenge these hateful birds. Play Destroy Mine Hole and take part in the battle to assist the pig, guys. This time, players and the naughty pig will break into enemies’ land and kill them. Look! There are a lot of bombs and traps at every corner in the bird’s house. The task of the players is to shoot the pigs at the enemies to guide them into these traps and explode them. They have to decide sagacious tactics to destroy these angry birds strategically without causing damage to the pig. Hope you complete all of the challenging levels and win the game, guys!

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Instructions: The mouse is to destroy angry birds. 

  Watch this gameplay!

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