The Smurfs Greedys Bakeries Game Greedy’s Bakeries: Test your speed and reaction skills in this fun, fast-paced Smurf game (1-player). This is the first day of work for the young Smurf at Greedy’s Bakeries. Can you help him keep his job and not get fired for losing too much food? Greedy has to collect all the food that his friend throws him, and he is throwing it faster and faster! Be careful! You lose a life each time any piece of food falls on the ground. You have a maximum of four lives which you can supplement by catching the white T-shirts (you gain a life).

  The Smurfs Greedys Bakeries Game To Play Online:

How to Play: Help the Smurf to catch the food using the Left and Right arrow keys in order to move right and left. Win an extra life by catching a white t-shirt (bonus).

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