Barbie dress up and cooking with love
Jennifer is preparing a surprise dinner for her hubby Ben. They are celebrating their wedding anniversary and Jennifer is cooking a delicious meal with all her love. She needs a trendy cooking outfit before she goes in the kitchen. Dress up Jennifer in a pretty kitchen attire picking a fashionable top and bottom or a casual chic dress and apron. Before starting cooking with love the anniversary dinner, she must find all the tools and ingredients. Have a look in the fridge, cabinets and counter top for the necessary items. She is making yummy cupcakes as dessert and she needs you to prepare them while she changes up into an elegant dinner attire. Ben is on his way and she has no make up on, the hair is a mess and she has no clue what to wear. Such a special event demands an elegant evening dress and make up. Dress up Jennifer for her special romantic dinner and complete her makeover with a gorgeous make up and hairstyle. Enjoy playing this complex brand new dress up and cooking game. 

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