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Princess Ariel Fashion Dress Up Ariel is a mermaid who is curious about the human world often comes to the surface of the ocean one day Ariel Flounder and Sebastian travel to the ocean surface and witness the celebration of the birthday of Prince Eric on board a ship. Just seeing a few minutes, the little mermaid falls in love with him. All of a sudden, he falls a storm and the boat capsizes, Ariel manages to save Eric, who are unconscious, before drowning in the depths. After take him to the mainland, she will play a song but the melody stops realizing that the prince should not see her when she wakes up. When this is recovered, is fascinated by the voice he had heard before and try to determine the whereabouts of the wreck who rescued him, but is unsuccessful. Ariel returns to the ocean even more convinced now of wanting to be part of the human world.
This princess game is about Ariel. She lived in the sea, but one day she fell in love with a prince. He also loved her. By magic, her tail was changed into a pair of legs. But when she lived in the castle with her prince she sometimes longed for her life in the sea, with the fish and all the other creatures of the sea. In this game you can give Ariel  beautiful dresses and more, so she can be the belle of the ball in the castle. But you can also give her colorful fish, which you also can make beautiful.

  Ariel Fashion Dress Up Online Game